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Portuguese translation


I'm Pedro HSB and I would like to help with portuguese translation of this site.

Pedro HSB , 09.01.2015, 18:32
Response from the site administrator
vasa_c, 12.01.2015
Hi, Pedro.
Thanks for the suggestion.
If you want to translate unicode-table.com to Portugal you can start from small interface file.

You can see full description here: https://github.com/unicode-table/unicode-table-data/wiki/Index-%28English%29

My e-mail is go@unicode-table.com
Idea status: completed


Luciano, 02.01.2019, 15:27
Hi, on the portuguese translation of this website it is showing the word "character" translated as "personagem". Actually it should be translated as "caracter" (singular) or "caracteres" (plural). "Personagem" means character as in a play, not character as in letters and symbols. Thank you again for the great website!

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